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From Phillip Rhodes <>
Subject [collections] dup-key map and map intersections?
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 05:12:02 GMT
I am working on a security model that I hope to release via LGPL.  I am 
trying to work with roles, groups, permissions, etc and use the collections 
api to do some magic!

I have a couple of questions.  I appreciate any pointers including 
re-design advice.

1)  Is there any Map type of Container that allows me to have duplicate 
keys that have different payloads (different values in the value portion?

For example,
map.put("1", "2");

I know this may not make sense, and that leads to the next question. I want 
to preserve the values in the value portion of the map as distinct values. 
That is, if I grabbed a collection of the value elements in the map, the 
collection would have 3 elements.

2)  Is there a way that I can do an Intersection between two of these maps 
and get the value portion of the map into an Collection type of container?

For example:



map1 now contains the keys that were in both map1 and map2, and the values 
that were associated to those keys.
//map1 contains (key, value) is now (1,1),(1,2),(1,3),(2,1),(2,2)
//notice that since the key "3" of map2 is only in map2 and not in map1, 
there is not (3,4)

Thanks for reading my post!

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