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From Allen Servedio <>
Subject Re: [BeanUtils] When will 1.7 be released?
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:25:45 GMT
Hi Robert,

Thanks for responding (I get this in digest version, so I put your reply 

Actually, I do not need a full release; but I think that the Struts team 
does. I was using one of the release candidates with the intention of 
upgrading when they released 1.1 (which they did). The release candidate 
used BeanUtils 1.7... BUT, their final 1.1 release uses BeanUtils 1.6.1 
(which makes sense, as they want to have all of the released code synced 
up). I did not realize this until quite a bit later and now I am stuck. 
I can't go to the released version of Struts 1.1 because I am using 
BeanUtilsBean, ConvertUtilsBean, and PropertyUtilsBean (which do not 
exist in BeanUtils 1.6.1).

My additions to them are REALLY simple, BUT do not make sense for the 
general public (otherwise, I would have posted them back). Basically 
(and I have attached all of my code), I subclassed  BeanUtilsBean and 
PropertyUtilsBean just so that I could get my subclass of 
ConvertUtilsBean used (and, I think, to get access to some protected 
methods...). In my subclass of ConvertUtilsBean, I override the 
lookup(Class) method to see a property is of a specific base class (or 
array) and then substitute a different Converter for it.

It was so long ago that I did this, I do not remember why I was not able 
to just register this as a special converter (I do that already for 
things like Date and Boolean)... Anyway, it could be that I am doing 
something REALLY stupid that you - or someone else - would be able to 
spot in a second and, after having a good chuckle :-) , be able to 
suggest what I should do differently.

(If the attached Java classes get munged, just let me know if you want 
me to send them to you directly)

Thanks again!

> [ALLEN] If there are no current plans on releasing BeanUtils 1.7, can 
> anyone give me advice on getting the classes above to work with a 
> BeanUtils 1.6.1 release?

IMHO it would be very difficult to make those classes work without also 
adopting the other changes made since 1.6.1.

particular care is taken by all concerned over beanutils and the unit 
tests are maintained. i would have no issues with recommended the 
current HEAD as suitable for production with the proviso that the 
interfaces added since 1.6.1 are not guaranteed to be preserved in later 
1.x series releases.

if you are unwilling to take my word for this, why not run a coverage 
tool over beanutils and create sufficient unit tests to ensure 100% 
coverage. this should be enough to give you confidence that the current 
features work.

is there any particular reason why you absolutely need a full release?

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