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From Gilles Dodinet <>
Subject Re: [jelly-xml] (solved) xml:copy outputs attributes as text also
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 09:33:42 GMT

thanks for your reply. indeed im using it from within maven to transform 
some xdoc-processed document (using also jelly:html - need to change the 
href attribute of img elements). Ive logged in a non-systematic some of 
the outputted elements, i will do it more systematically because in fact 
the template i posted yesterday ("* | text()") doesnot work : all text 
children of a given node are outputted *after* all other children.. 
however it is perhaps my xsl knowledge that is a bit light ;) so ill 
continue to investigate and come back with the solution if i ever find 
it ;)


-- gd

Paul Libbrecht wrote:

> Gilles,
> There's a fair amount of possible variables that can bite you here.
> Are you using jelly within maven ? If yes, this might be infamous 
> output bugs of dom4j 1.4b8 which is used in maven (as the release 
> broke with entities).
> I would do something like logging the elements of your process (using 
> the log taglib)... the dom4j' default-nodes toStrings are pretty 
> impressing!
> (and also expensive I think).
> Paul

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