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From Gilles Dodinet <>
Subject [jelly-xml] xml:copy outputs attributes as text also
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 07:15:42 GMT

im trying to transform some documents with jelly:jsl in order to modify 
the attributes of a specific element ('item'), the rest of the document 
remaining unchanged. so i have something like that in my jsl file :

<jsl:template match="/" trim="false">
    <jsl:applyTemplates select="project"/>

<jsl:template select="item">
    <!-- do stuff. works correctly -->

<jsl:template select="*">
    <!-- if == 'item', apply item template, else do 
this : -->
    <x:copy select=".">
       <jsl:applyTemplates />

the problem i face is that for elements different than 'item', 
attributes are outputed as text as shown below :

<menu name="menu_1">menu_1 <<===== here's the error
      <item name="item 1" href="/item_1_link"> <<=== no error for item 

i guess the problem comes from my xsl tranformation, more particulary 
from my use of x:copy. although i cannot see what the error is. what am 
i missing ?

thanks for your help.

-- gd

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