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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [net] Why use Net for SMTP?
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 23:16:05 GMT

In message <>, Serge Knystautas writes:
>How is this possible?  JavaMail 1.0 came out in Jan/Feb 1998, Java came 
>out in Feb 1996.  That doesn't leave much room for "several years" of 
>Commons Net predating JavaMail.

If you're not trolling, you are nitpicking.  The thrust of my email
was that the two do different things and have/had different goals.
Commons Net is descended from NetComponents which predates JavaMail 1.0
as a publicly available API.  Whether it's two years (couple) or three
years (few or several) or 1.5 years is a minor point.  The datum
is relevant only in so far as to explain that Commons Net is/was not
reinventing the wheel.  My recollection was that JavaMail 1.0 was
released in December of 1998.  I stand corrected.  Time flies.  I also
recall that JavaMail 1.0 had a buggy IMAP provider and no POP3 provider
at the time, which is why NetComponents was still being used by many for
email at the time; so I may have been thinking of JavaMail 1.1.  Today,
the FTP functionality is what most people care about, despite its
ancient design.  JavaMail models a mail system and Commons Net provides
basic support for common IETF network protcols.  It's like comparing
apples and oranges.


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