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From John Zoetebier <>
Subject Re: DBCP & DBUtils
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 09:55:01 GMT
On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 11:43:40 +0200, Tatu Vanhanen 
<> wrote:

>> I can see this working nicely with static tables in a database.
>> In case you have a table with a structure that can expand
>> dynamically, how
>> does this work.
>> Can DBUtils handles the dynamic table structure scenario ?
>> Or is there a workaround ?
> So you mean there are columns added/removed/modified in a table? I think 
> DBUtils handles this ok (properties are determined runtime) but of 
> course the BeanHandler for example can't set a new property to OrderBean 
> if OrderBean doesn't have that property.

Yes, fields are added (in most cases), or can even be deleted.

> You cannot use static beans in dynamic schema =). Maps are ok, though 
> (by using MapHandler/MapListHandler).

Do mean mean that MapHandler can handle a dynamic table?
That would be great :)
I assume the Map consists of {FieldName, FieldValue} mappaing ?

John Zoetebier
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