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Subject Re: [DIGESTER] prefix:namespace list
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 17:03:08 GMT


i circumvent the problem by using JDOM currently (heck, I have a bias
towards high level API's ;-)) , but i thought maybe Digester has a similar
built-in function to retrieve the list of Namespaces and their prefixes.
Looks like this is not the case...

so, I have to decide whether to  tweak  my copy of Digester or to stick to
my current solution... well, i'll see


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On Tuesday 02 Dec 2003 2:11 pm, you wrote:
> You mean that the digester does not handle namespaces ?
> Then you can not write a version of the RSS digester for RSS 1.0
> (with RDF, DublinCore,... namespaces)
> the digester for RSS 0.9 is here
> too bad... isn't it ?
> Fred

Digester handles namespaces without any particular difficulty AFAIK.

The point underlying my reference to SAX2 is that SAX2 gives access to
namespace information relatively directly via callbacks, while Digester is
layer on top of SAX2 and is not required, if the aim is to extract
information, rather than build a custom document object model.

If the OP is using Digester then he must already have access to a XMLReader

which he could use instead of Digester.


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