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From "Craig Tataryn" <>
Subject [Digester] addBeanPropertySetter help
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 19:57:14 GMT
Sorry, forgot to specify which commons project this was for in the subject.

>From: "Craig Tataryn" <>
>Reply-To: "Jakarta Commons Users List" <>
>Subject: addBeanPropertySetter help
>Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 13:53:14 -0600
>Hi, I have an XML file that looks like this:
>	<dispatchers>
>		<!-- dispatcher section must appear before data-mappings -->
>		<dispatcher name="Sybase Stored Procedure" 
>			<db>Data</db>
>			<server></server>
>			<port>2638</port>
>			<dbfile>test</dbfile>
>			<uid>dba</uid>
>			<pwd>pwd</pwd>
>		</dispatcher>
>	</dispatchers>
>	<data-mapping class="Customer" dispatcher="Sybase Stored Procedure"/>
>Basically the tags below data-mappings/dispatchers/dispatcher are going to 
>be adhoc (they represent properties on the StoredProcDataDispatch instance 
>which will be set).  I tried setting these properties by the following 
>But the properties on the object are never set :(  Is there a rule I can 
>use where I can provide a pattern for a root node (i.e. 
>data-mappings/dispatchers/dispatcher) and have all the child nodes below it 
>act as property setters much like the addSetProperties rule works for 

Craig W. Tataryn

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