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From Amnon Khen <>
Subject RE: core:forEach collections
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 10:54:17 GMT
Thanks for replying, however, I think my question wasn't understood as I
meant it (or maybe it as I who failed to explain it clearly).
I'm already familiar with <u:tokenize> and <j:forEach>. The collections
through which I need to iterate are not delimited lists, but Ant data
structures, such as FileSets or Paths.
Can it be done in a simple way?

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From: Jörg Schaible [] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 11:40
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: RE: core:forEach collections

Paul Libbrecht wrote on Tuesday, December 16, 2003 10:01 AM:

> To all that execpt core:forEach to accept such things as a
> string-with-separator, dare I suggest a work is done on a
> separate tag
> than forEach ?
> I do think forEach makes sense with collections and I do
> believe it is
> kind of sad to expect a collection out of a... string-object... so I
> would really prefer having something like core:forEachTokens
> with good
> attributes like the token-list, wether to go through tokens... and
> possibly with other attributes like token-family names (e.g. any
> whitespace, any character, any capital, as
> java.lang.Character offers).

It is the way it is specified in JSTL (1.0, chapter 6.1.1) anf therefore
something that is expected to work in this way. Admited, it is a convenience
enhancement, but looking at Jelly it is really much more fun to write:

<j:foreach var="i" items="a,b,c">

than to introduce everytime an additional variable for nothing:

<u:tokenize var="i.split" delim=",">a,b,c</:u:tokenize>
<j:foreach var="i" items="${item.split}">

especially since you often have comma-separated elements reading from a
property file.
Already implements this including a test case.


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