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From Michael Becke <>
Subject Re: Passing HttpClient Header back to the browser
Date Sun, 21 Dec 2003 04:30:02 GMT
Hi Thad,

> I'm sent to my logon.jsp (the no session path) instead of the
> GetScreenListAction.  This even though the URL contains the JSESSIONID.
> (The URL the applet redirects to is
> http://<server>/action/getscreenlist; 
> jsessionid=2EB33E628562558896EDCDC4B6E372AB)
> However, if instead of "getAppletContext().showDocument( new URL(  
> newURL )
> );" I try

It seems that the web server does not accept the session ID rewritten  
into the URL.  This is usually a config option.  Either that or  
something else is happening with the url before it is used by in the  
browser's request.

Even if you can get things working using this system I would suggest  
something different. In particular I suggest handling the  
authentication within the browser and then passing the cookie to the  
applet.  You can pass the cookie to the applets via a parameter in the  
applet HTML.  The JSPs have access to the session ID of the request and  
can write it into the applet page.


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