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From "Darren Hartford" <>
Subject [Validator] Example to use with an Entity Bean/JavaBean?
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 19:05:11 GMT
Hey all,
Been trying to use the commons-validator-1.0.2 for Server-Side validation and having some
troubles.  Does anyone have a working example they can share?

An example would be easier than asking a dozen questions  =)

I have looked at the examples from 1.0.2-src and the test code from 1.0.2-src, but does not
seem to help too much - may be going down the wrong trail. If no one has an example, the problem
area seems around the validation global rules XML file (defining a rule such as minLength)
and matching that defined rule with MyExtendedValidator class - and how to pass arguments
from the Form definition file to the rule XML file to the MyExtendedValidation method.


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