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From LAURENT Frederic SZSIC13 softeam <>
Subject Re: [CLI] UnrecognizedOptionException on simple test
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 08:37:21 GMT
John Keyes wrote:

> I don't see any obvious errors. Can you write the test
> in plain java and see if that works.  If not then post
> the class here and I'll have a look at it.  Sorry 
> for the abruptness but I am busy at the moment.

Jython is an interpretor written in java, so the behavior of
the test will be the same in java...
That's said, I wrote my test in plain java, and the exception is
the same...

java FooMain -url
usage: java FooMain
  -url <myurl>   an url
Exception in thread "main" 
org.apache.commons.cli.UnrecognizedOptionException: Unrecognized option: -u
         at org.apache.commons.cli.Parser.processOption(
         at org.apache.commons.cli.Parser.parse(
         at org.apache.commons.cli.Parser.parse(
         at FooMain.main(

The java file is attached...

thanks in advance


XPath free testing software :
Frédéric Laurent           

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