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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [net] socket timed out BEFORE timeout exceed with commons net telnet
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2003 01:58:21 GMT

This one slipped by me because it didn't have a [net] prefix in the
subject (I added it to the reply).

In message <E12F73E3BF124B45A118F3323DEB49554446F2@netvisorpdc.intranet.netviso>, =?iso-8859-2?Q?Sebesty=E9n_Zolt=E1n?= writes:
>I've set TelnetClient's timeout to 5000 millisecs to make sure that I =
>have enought time to read  when I read some input char by char from the =
>server I've connected to. *Most* of the time it works, however sometimes =
>the socket throws a *before* the actual =
>timeout exceed, mostly instantly after the read method has been called. =
>Please tell me what do think the problem can be. Here's the stack trace =

This doesn't look like something we can do anything about since the
Commons Net code isn't throwing the exception.  The precision of
timeouts on socket II/O is implementation dependent.  Your only
recourse may be to increase the timeout.


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