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From Thad Humphries <>
Subject Re: Passing HttpClient Header back to the browser
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 16:01:22 GMT
Yes, that is how it will probably work in the final product but I'm in a 
evaluation phase now.  Key to this evaluation is getting applets and struts 
to work together and the login applet is an easy one to test with.  We have 
other applets that are far more complex and far more critical to the 
application.  These applets *must* be able to seemlessly return control to 
the browser.  For example, there are database index and query screens (often 
complex) created and viewed on fat clients that we can also render in Swing 
applets.  There's no problem opening these applets but if they can't return 
control to the browser we're left to render the hitlist in an applet which is 
an non-starter.  We also have a TIFF image viewer applet that must interact 
with the server or image and annotation data.

This stuff works without Struts and HTTPClient.  I would, however, like to 
rework it for Struts because I think Struts will be more flexible as the 
application grows.

On Saturday 20 December 2003 23:30, Michael Becke wrote:
> ...
> Even if you can get things working using this system I would suggest  
> something different. In particular I suggest handling the  
> authentication within the browser and then passing the cookie to the  
> applet.  You can pass the cookie to the applets via a parameter in the  
> applet HTML.  The JSPs have access to the session ID of the request and  
> can write it into the applet page.
> ...

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