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Subject Antwort: RE: Antwort: FileUpload: Bug in FileUploadBase::parseRequest?
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 09:55:17 GMT
Hi Schalk,

I don't quite understand your problem - doesn't this functionality come
with the FileUpload package?
For normal form fields, a DefaultFileItem is created, which contains all
the info of/about the form field, i.e. its name (item.getFieldName()) and
its content (item.getString()). You can assign it to any String variable...
   // Process the uploaded items                                            
   Iterator iter = items.iterator();                                        
   while (iter.hasNext()) {                                                 
       FileItem item = (FileItem);                              
       if (item.isFormField()) {                                            
           // Process a regular form field                                  
           String name = item.getFieldName();                               
           String value = item.getString();                                 
       } else {                                                             

You find this code at the Apache FileUpload website:


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