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From "Chris White" <>
Subject [JXPath] attribute axis
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 11:44:00 GMT
JXPath is a marvelous tool!

We are using it in an open-source EAI project, OpenEDIX
( OpenEDIX is tool that supports the description
and transformation of a variety of message protocols, primarily protocols
used in healthcare.

We would like to create an enhancement that lets us create values on the
attribute axis dynamically similar to the DynamicPropertyHandler mechanism.
I have downloaded the source and have been experimenting to determine what
changes might be required to support this feature.

I have found that if I make the following changes I start to get the
behavior we're after.

1) DynamicPropertyPointer - added new field "axis", revised constructor to
accept setting of this new field
2) DynamicPropertyHandler - added a new parameter, "axis" on every method.
Modified all implementers of this interface
3) PropertyOwnerPointer.getPropertyPointer(int axis)  - added axis parameter
to abstract method.

Only the SimplePathInterpreter is passing anything other than
Compiler.CHILD_AXIS to getPropertyPointer. Nothing else appears to be aware
of the axis of each step. This makes me think that I might be barking up the
wrong tree.

Do you have any recommendation for alternative approaches?

Is this a feature that you think belongs in the base product or should we
consider our work an alternate implementation?

Chris White
Parafora Software/Care Data Systems

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