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From "Ming Fai" <>
Subject RE: [logging] Commons Logging with WebSphere
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2003 07:29:26 GMT
> > try to specify a system property as follows:
> >
> > org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory=org.apache.commons.logging.impl.L
> > ogFac
> > toryImpl
> I think I need to re-state my question.  I have no need (at the moment)
> for huge amounts of control over the logging facility.  I just want to
> be able to use a simple Log interface for logging debugging info.  I
> don't care where it comes from, and in the case of WSAD, I just want to
> tie into the provided logging infrastructure.  I'm hoping JCL can do
> that for me.

i personally think it's not a good idea to use the WSAD log factory. If you
want a very simple logging facility, use the JCL LogFactoryImpl and

If you really want to save the effort of specifing two system properties,
lookup the WSAD document on how to use the WSAD logging. Afaik, the logging
is configured at:
	Your Server Configuration > Trace tab >
		check Enable Trace
	 	specify *=all=enable	(for enable all trace, or study the docs on how to
log by package/log level)
	The default ${SERVER_LOG_ROOT}/trace.log is located deeply under
.metadata/.plugins/xxx/ of your project folder.

>From the fact that the 2nd paragraph above seems to be more complex, it's a
better idea to use SimpleLog instead.

> > In WSAD, there is an IBM log factory implementation:
> > by default. You may override
> > it by
> > any ways such as using the above system properties or using
> > class loader policy.
> How do I get a logging instance from that factory using JCL?

There is nth special. Just get a logger from the default LogFactory as same
as using any common logger, for example:
	Log log = LogFactory.getLog(MyClass.class);"this message is logged");
	see API doc:


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