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From "nathan phillips" <>
Subject Re: Jelly Questions
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 16:45:39 GMT
Thanks for the fast response Paul.  I might dig in and see what I can do.

From: Paul Libbrecht <>
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Subject: Re: Jelly Questions
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 17:38:42 +0100
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On Lundi, nove 10, 2003, at 17:26 Europe/Paris, nathan phillips wrote:

>I successfully used Jelly last year in a project and am looking to use it 
>once again in a new project.  I was wondering what the status of Jelly as a 
>project is.  Is it alive?

Yes, kind of...

>More importantly I have a question in regards to the API 
>JellyContext.runScript.  I would like to dynamically create a Jelly script 
>that I can either pass in as a Document (dom4j or w3c) or a simple String 
>to the JellyContext to execute.  From the runScript API it appears I can 
>only pass in a reference (File or URL) to a file located on disk.  Is there 
>anyway to dynamically build up a script and have Jelly execute it without 
>writing one to disk?  Thanks.

Well, you should always be able to pass-in an InputSource with a reader in 
there that would read your string. The reason you need file or URL is that 
you need (well, you MAT beed) a system-Id in order to resolver relative 

But exercuting jelly from a DOM4j (or just a jelly-output) would make sense, 
it's not just not made yet. I am not clear yet wether it's so easy...


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