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From "Knight, Digby" <>
Subject JSTL xml tags and namespaces
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 09:19:11 GMT

Is it still the case that the JSTL xml tags don't support xml docs with
namespaces? I've looked up quite a lot in the mail archives and google and
fairly recent posting suggest JSTL1.1 will fix the bug, but I'm still
getting the problem. However, I might have a strange mixture of 1.0 and 1.1,
since I've got Tomcat 5 but have the 1.0 taglibs installed in some

I just want to know if it's worth clearing out all my 1.0 stuff and starting
again. Is 1.1 there by default in Tomcat 5, or do I still need to install

In a clean application, when I tried:

<@ taglib prefix="x" uri="" %>

I get an error saying that Tomcat can't find the resource in a TLD or in
web.xml (words to that effect, I haven't got the actual msg).

Any thoughts?


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