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From Costin <>
Subject [Modeler] mbeans xml files
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 18:51:07 GMT
Hello, everyone!

I've  noticed  in modeler-1.1 CVS a file named mbeans.xml which serves
(as I read from the description) as a test file

The  default  mbeans-description.xml  is  quite  okay  but misses some
needed  futures like:

1. support  for  all  the  options  available  to  ModelMBeans  like
currencyTimeLimit and persistent*, so on..

2. value assignment (also present in mbeans.xml) :
<attribute name="Port" type="int" value="9998"/>
<arg type="java.lang.Object">java.naming.provider.url</arg>

3. Also  some  security hooks would  be  nice  (for  methods  and
attributes) but this may lead to other problems.

These features are already into the JBoss service-xml files describing mbeans.

Are there any plans to implement these features or others into Modeler
soon   enough?  I  know  that  it  is used in Tomcat and with Geronimo
around the corner I hope to see more work on this project.

I am not just suggesting here - I started writing a template
file  for  XDoclet  to generate xml files easily. I hope to send it to
the project quite soon.

Best regards,

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