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From "Schalk" <>
Subject RE: FileUpload: restrict upload file size for any file, not just for the wholerequest
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 18:20:19 GMT
I would recommend submitting this as a future enhancement request, or
develop a add-on and submit it for inclusion in the next release.

Kind Regards
Schalk Neethling
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:: Subject: FileUpload: restrict upload file size for any file, not just for
the wholerequest
:: Hi,
:: we want to restrict the size of each *file* that is getting uploaded to
:: some maximum file size. The FileUpload lib only allows to set a maximum
:: *request* size.
:: Of course, I could use item.getSize() after the upload/parsing has
:: and then only process files that are below the max file size; and drop
:: other files. However, we don't even want to upload files that are too
:: large. That is, we want to stop uploading a file when it turns out to be
:: larger than allowed and go on with the next file.
:: FileUpload contains a class ThresholdingOutputStream that can be used to
:: implement a stream that counts the bytes that are getting uploaded, i.e.
:: written to the output stream, and reacts when the threshold (max file
:: is reached.
:: So I just have to throw some exception in the implementation of the
:: abstract method thresholdReached() of ThresholdingOutputStream.
:: The problem is that in FileUploadBase::parseRequest(...), where this
:: exceptions ends up, there is no exception handling for exceptions
:: exceptions) that disallow processing of just *one* file item, not of the
:: *whole* request.
:: Thus, without patching FileUploadBase, I cannot restrict the size on a
:: per-file-basis.
:: Also, it would be helpful if the threshold in ThresholdingOutputStream
:: type long instead of type int - for large file sizes... :-)
:: Would these be reasonable changes to the file upload lib?
:: Thanks,
:: Steffi
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