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From Michael Becke <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Release of Commons HttpClient 2.0 Release Candidate 2
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 02:30:44 GMT
The Jakarta Commons HttpClient development team is pleased to announce 
the release of HttpClient 2.0 RC2.  This release consists primarily of 
bug fixes and will hopefully be the last RC release. Please visit the 
HttpClient website <> and 
download this latest release.

The following changes have been made since Release Candidate 1:

  * 23708 - Added try/catch blocks around calls to System.getProperty().

  * 23431 - Added support for disabling transfer-encoding and 
content-type headers in
    multi-part posts.

  * 23663 - Changed HttpMethodBase to release its HttpConnection when a 
    exception occurs.

  * Javadoc enhancements.

  * 23284 - Fixed bug with URI.isIPv4address().

  * 22969 - PostMethod#setParameter fixed to correctly overwrite 
existing parameters.

  * 22970 - Fixed bug with PostMethod#removeParameter return value.

  * Improved compliance to RFC 2617

  * 22926 - Added support for digest auth MD5-sess.

  * 22655 - Added support for stale digest nonce values.

  * 22968 - HttpConnection.isResponseAvailable() made a little more 
robust, particularly when
    used by HeadMethod.

  * 22941 - Switched the order in which socket streams are closed: 
output stream closed first,
    followed by input stream.

  * Added debugging for connection reclaiming.

  * Removed JCE initialization code specific to the Sun's implementation.

  * Fixed problem of Basic, Digest & NTLM authentication schemes under 
certain circumstances
    leaking passwords in clear text to the DEBUG log.

  * Fixed the problem with incorrect selection of the proxy 
authentication realm.

  * Changed URI.normalize() to ignore relative path normalization.

Thank you,

Commons HttpClient Development Team

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