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From Matthijs Wensveen <>
Subject Re: [digester] RFE - Digester.startElement could use a callback
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 07:43:51 GMT
Simon Kitching wrote:

>Hi Steve,
>I had a thought yesterday: if you want to trap cases where match returns
>no elements, then you can write a custom Rules class which delegates to
>RulesBase (or whichever), but has a custom match() rule which checks for
>empty lists being returned from the "real" Rules object. Hope this

Yes, of course, problem solved, I should think :)

>The case Steve is interested in is not considered an error by Digester.
>When Digester notices that no rules match a particular element, it just
>logs a DEBUG level message for information, then continues processing.
>Throwing an exception would cause processing to terminate - definitely
>not what is wanted here in most cases.

I humbly apologize. I thought that runtime (unchecked) exceptions would 
not cause processing to terminate, but of course this is wrong.

> Steve suggested essentially
>making the behaviour *configurable* by the user in this situation which
>is not a bad idea, but is probably going to be declined because there
>are other ways to achieve this goal, and because very few users of
>digester care about detecting elements with no associated rules.

Configurability is always a good thing :)
Some sort of event could be fired, like SAXEvent. But as you said 
subclassing the Rules class is a more pragmatic solution in this case.


PS. Can I get my 2 eurocents back then? :)

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