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From Denis Haskin <>
Subject Re: [httpclient] question
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 01:59:56 GMT
This may be a naive suggestion, but I can think of two possibilities 
here that *sort* of get around the "1 request, 2 responses".

First, there is the HTTP 100 Continue response.  This is pretty much 
exactly what the original poster said: "2) server returns confirmation 
response: I've just got your request and going to process it. Standby! 
(no problem)".

See [1] and [2] for discussion.  Theoretically a server can keep sending 
100 Continue responses as long as it wants until it's ready to send the 
actual response, which it then sends with a 200 OK (although I'm not 
sure how timeouts work in this case).

Also, I have seen systems where this is accomplished using HTTP 
redirects (302 or 307, I think)--client sends request, server replies 
with a redirect and starts processing the request, client goes to the 
redirect address, at which the server can then provide the response.  
Again, this can also be done with a sort of "looping" redirect which 
keeps happening until the result is ready.

Neither of these are esoteric; I've used them in many situations.

As other posters have said, though, there's *no* *way* in HTTP you're 
going to be able to have the server notify the client.  It's just not 
part of the protocol.



Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:

>>Hello Oleg!
>>I've reinvestigated the problem and found that you're right. The response is being
>>but my problem still remains :(
>>How should I implement the following using HttpClient?
>> 1) send a business-request to server (no problem)
>> 2) server returns confirmation response: I've just got your request and going to
process it. Standby! (no problem)
>> 3) server processes that request and _notifies_ the client: Done processing successfully.
(that's where I've stuck. The old implementation I try to get rid of uses some kind of socket
observer which queries the socket from time to time and finally gets the server notification.
Is this doable using HttpClient?)

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