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From Martin MichalĂ­k <>
Subject FTP commmand results
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 17:20:13 GMT
Hi people! :)
I have a problem with using FTP client and I can't find how to solve it. 
Does anybody help me, please?
I wish to use "LIST -lR" command for recursive listing. It seems it is 
possible with FTP.sendCommand() but I don't know how to catch the result 
(some stream, which one?).
I only found the FTPClient.listFiles() method. But it isn't possible, at 
least I think so :), to use this method for recusrive listing the directory.
Thak you, bye.

    Martin Michalik

P. S. I hope you can understand this message written in Czenglish. :)

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