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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [BeanUtils] ResultSetDynaClass lowerCase option
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2003 17:05:17 GMT
Gary Shea wrote:

>I've run into a situation where the ResultSet DynaClass support is
>broken by setting the lowerCase field true.  Hsqldb sets column names to
>upper case by default.  If lowerCase is true, the first access to the
>row goes boom.  I'm wondering if this is because lowerCase is a work in
>progress, or because this is expected behavior?  The javadoc suggests
>that lowerCase is intended to ease dealing with varying JDBC
>implementations, but my impression of the current lowerCase code is that
>it's very fragile and will only work if the JDBC implementation returns
>the column names in lower case already!  My apologies if I'm missing
Without a specific example of what "goes boom" means, it is not possible 
to tell whether this is a bug in BeanUtils or a user error.  However, 
the design intent of the "lowerCase" flag is that, no matter what the 
database returns for column names, the *entire* property name (as seen 
in the DynaBeans) is in lower case.  For example, if your database 
returned "ACCOUNT_ID" as a column name, the property in DynaBeans would 
be treated as "account_id" instead.

If you are seeing something different, please post a bug report with a 
detailed example:

>I'm happy to contribute a fix, if something needs fixing, but thought
>I'd better check first...
>        Gary

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