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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: BeanUtils.copyProperties() case sensitivity
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 16:52:41 GMT
Tamer Salama wrote:

>Hello Everyone:
>My very first message to any of these lists...
>I'm trying to use PropUtils.copyProperties() and
>BeanUtils.copyProperties() to copy from a DynaBean (from a
>ResultSetDynaClass) to a regular JavaBean.
>The JavaBean has getter/setter methods in the following form:
>getOrderNumber()/setOrderNumber(String on) (mixed Case - following
>JavaBeans specs)
>The corresponding property in the DynaBean is "ordernumber" (all lower
>case - as derived from a Table's column names).
>The copyProperties() do not copy the ordernumber property from the
>DynaBean to my JavaBean.
>First: I hope I'm wrong, but is this because my accessor methods have
>mixed case.
>Second: How to overcome this? Are there any other utility methods to
>copy beans that I'm not aware of? I'm starting to write my own method,
>but was just wondering if any are available.
BeanUtils follows the naming conventions in the JavaBeans specification:

so the proper property name would be "orderNumber" in this particular case.

>Kindest regards,
>Tamer Salama

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