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From John Farrell <>
Subject how do I do this tricky string manipulation with jelly/maven?
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 06:13:40 GMT
It seems to me that Jelly script doesn't support multiple parameters in 
brackets in Java script fragments. The code below puts NumberFormatExceptions 
in maven.log. What I need to do is (a) find another way which involves only 
single parameter methods, or (b) get Jelly to play the game a bit more. Any 
ideas? I am using Maven beta 10. 

<ant:pathconvert property="origPath" pathsep=";" 
refid="maven.dependency.classpath" />
<j:forEach var="pathElement" items="${origPath.split(';')}">
    <j:if test="${pathElement.indexOf('mp-') >= 0}">
        <j:set var="cloverJar" value="${pathElement.replace('.jar', 
'clover.jar')}" />

Thanks for any inspiration,


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