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From Justin Wood <>
Subject Re: [Jelly Swing] Is this project still alive ??
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 08:54:23 GMT
I managed to get Jelly to compile using ant only.   I stripped out a lot of 
the tag packages so that I had only a sort of "Jelly Core" :-) and I changed 
the to point only to the taglibs that I kept.   I also made 
some changes to and to get them to compile
(older code I think).

I've read all the docs and they are as Paul says quite out of date.  So it's 
difficult to really know what the current direction of Jelly is and what on 
the ToDo list is stale.

I would like to see a stand alone official jelly realease that compiles (using 
ant and maven ie two build files maybe the maven one using the ant one) as a 
core with optional packages like what ant does with ant.jar and optional.jar.   
Is that currently on the cards for the early next year release?  I'd be 
willing to help to do this but not in the capacity of co-ordinator.


On Wednesday 01 October 2003 10:03, Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> Alpana Pande wrote:
> > Is it worth investigating Jelly Swing ? Is this
> > project still alive ?
> >
> > I have spent quite a bit of time trying to get the
> > binaries / source working as per the tutorial.
> > "maven demo:swing" does not work. I am wondering if it
> > is worthwhile spending any more time on Jelly Swing.
> > Are there better alternatives to this ?
> Alpana,
> Jelly is definitely alive just as jelly-swing.
> The bug in the documentation is simple: you need to be in
> <JELLY_HOME>/jelly-tags/swing to invoke "maven demo:swing",it has
> nothing to do with maven as far as I know.
> Jelly is alive in the sense that many questions come around, some small
> fixes are applied...
> If you want to see examples of development of jelly-swing, have a look
> at the sourceforge project XWing where Jelly-swing is used as layout
> language for a collection of XML-based Swing components.
> There's no distribution or website yet though it could all be made soon,
> compilation works with maven.
> The jelly-versions that you should use in general is the cvs version,
> really... maven builds fine for the core and several of the taglibs
> (including swing). For some others, an external download is required
> (e.g. JMS, servlets...).
> You might have a hope on the jakarta nightly builds, haven't checked
> this recently.
> The big problem in jelly currently is that James Strachan, probably the
> most active father of Jelly, has dropped it.
> Some comitters are around but a person is missing to coordinate it all.
> If you have a patch, posting them to this list or submitting a jira
> issue certainly will help someone who will consider uploading it.
> This has happened right after refactoring out the taglibs as
> subprojects... hence the documentation bugs.
> Maybe a first step towards a beta would be to rehaul the documentation
> completely at least covering:
> - corrections for taglibs (the same apply for the xml, unit, and swt pages)
> - precise URLs for each dependencies so that everyone can build the
> whole jelly module (I have an impression that no-one has done it since
> quite long).
> Henry Yandell wrote:
> > I would suspect a release towards the start of next year, but that's a
> > complete finger in the air guess. I don't think anyone's going to be
> > cleaning it up very soon, but I think that when Maven releases 1.0, it
> > will give Jelly the push to move forward.
> I would guess it might happen sooner even for a few other betas.
> The trouble remains on the jexl side where I haven't seen lots of
> activity either (see the recent posts on empty and size).
> In the jexl world, also a creation of James Strachan, it is not clear
> yet wether documentation is missing or there is a few ill-designed
> things but there are clearly misunderstood pieces (like the size function).
> Paul
> PS: jelly-swing is stuck at another corner: tag-documentation. Tag
> documentation was done using XDoclet for most other tag-libraries. For
> jelly-swing, however, this doesn't really work because converters need
> to be better managed... (so as to map attributes to setters). An issue
> is opened since long in Jira on that.
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