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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [digester] Multiple Digester Instances
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 20:25:27 GMT
Hi Robert,

The "xmlrules" code currently does this sort of thing, so you may wish
to look there for inspiration.

It would also help if you included the stack trace for your "null
pointer" problems.

One thing I notice in your code snippet below: where does the "rules"
object you are passing to your new Digester instance come from? If it is
the value returned by digester.getRules(), then this may be the cause of
the problem; I doubt that the same Rules object can be used in multiple
Digester instances.



On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 09:10, Robert Grey wrote:
> Currently I am using digester recursively,  I have an object that will 
> create a new instance of digester when it is called from a rule in a 
> previous digester instance. I continually get null pointers when I try to do 
> this with this code:
> public void parseMainConfigFile(InputStream stream) throws GeneralException 
> {
>     // now that plugins are configured, start the parsing process
>     try {
>         //return (ParseMainXml) digester.parse(stream);
>         Digester newDigester = new Digester();
>         newDigester.setValidating(false);
>         newDigester.addObjectCreate(ROOTNODE, ParseMainXml.class);
>         newDigester.setRules(rules);
>         newDigester.parse(stream);
>      } catch (Exception e) {
>         throw new XmlParseException(e);
>      }
> }
> This method is used to create the original parser and to parse documents 
> called from that original parser. Is there any way to do this properly? 
> Thanks for any advice...
> -Robert Grey

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