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From "Tamer Salama" <>
Subject BeanUtils.copyProperties() case sensitivity
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 04:27:41 GMT
Hello Everyone:

My very first message to any of these lists...

I'm trying to use PropUtils.copyProperties() and
BeanUtils.copyProperties() to copy from a DynaBean (from a
ResultSetDynaClass) to a regular JavaBean.

The JavaBean has getter/setter methods in the following form:
getOrderNumber()/setOrderNumber(String on) (mixed Case - following
JavaBeans specs)

The corresponding property in the DynaBean is "ordernumber" (all lower
case - as derived from a Table's column names).

The copyProperties() do not copy the ordernumber property from the
DynaBean to my JavaBean.

First: I hope I'm wrong, but is this because my accessor methods have
mixed case.
Second: How to overcome this? Are there any other utility methods to
copy beans that I'm not aware of? I'm starting to write my own method,
but was just wondering if any are available.

Kindest regards,

Tamer Salama

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