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Subject [BeanUtils] Indexed and mapped properties
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 09:24:32 GMT
I define a propertie with its getter and setter indexed in ObjectA and 
ObjectB :

    private Collection voConfList = new ArrayList();
    public Collection getVoConfList() {
        return (voConfList);

    public String getVoConfList(int index) {
        return (String) CollectionUtils.index(voConfList, index);

    public void setVoConfList(int index, String value) {
        // index ingnore it's just a test

    public void setVoConfList(Collection voConfList) {
        this.voConfList = voConfList;

And then call copyProperties :
objectB.setVoConfList(0, "value from")
BeanUtils.copyProperties(objectA, objectB);

The attribut in object is create but empty. The copy is not done. I have 
the same probleme with Map. But when i do same indexed getter and setter 
for an String[] it work.

I see in the BeanUtils javadoc for copyProperties methode :
"FIXME - Indexed and mapped properties that do not have getter and setter 
methods for the underlying array or Map are not copied by this method"
I define getter and setter so where is the probleme

Is there an other way to copy  Indexed and mapped properties of an object to an other ?


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