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From "Don Forbes" <>
Subject Reusable Builder classes
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 08:44:22 GMT

I find the Builder classes really helpful, but find it wasteful having to create a new HashCodeBuilder,
CompareToBuilder or EqualsBuilder for each invocation of a hashCode, equals or compareTo method.
 In some situations, such as a sort of a large collection, these methods can end up being
called often, thus imposing a high garbage collection overhead.

I am thinking of something analogous to StringBuffer, which can be reset for reuse by simply
calling setLength(0).

How about a simple reset() method, with no parameters, that just resets the internal state
(e.g. the variable "comparison" in the case of CompareToBuilder) to its initial value?  (Possibly
also a getter to determine whether the builder is currently in a reusable state.)

Granted, this would require the Builder to be an instance variable of the calling object rather
than a local variable, thus raising issues of thread safety.  Unfortunately using sychronized
methods has something of a bad name for performance.  In my understanding and experience this
is an unfair reputation, and my guess is that the overhead would be amply compensated for
by the savings in garbage collection.  But short of this, provided the caller is given the
responsibility for synchronising access to the object in a multithreading scenario, I don't
see a problem.

Any thoughts?


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