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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] Timeout for creating a new connection
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 20:45:42 GMT
MaxActive is the maximum number of active connections, a hard limit to 
protect the database from an overload of connections.
The think you describe is the MaxIdle limit.

MaxIdle is the maximum number of connections that can be in the pool at 
any given time (not counting the connections in use).
When there are no connections left in the pool (all are in use) then new 
connections will be created.
Taking into account the hard limit on the total number of connections 
(=MaxActive) of course.
When the usage goes down (and the connections return to the pool) only a 
fixed amount will be allowed back into the pool (=MaxIdle).
The remaining connections will be destroyed.

Quite similar I think.
Maybe there is a difference in language. When I say in the pool I mean 
idle/unused connections. The active/used connections are borrowed from 
the pool and not in the pool anymore. Later, they are returned to the 

Hmm, I hope this make some sense ;-)


Phillip Qin wrote:

>I tested both oracle's connection cache and commons-dbcp+pool. I think
>commons dbcp+pool are great products. But I still miss one nice feature on
>oracle. Oracle connection pool can automatically increase num of connections
>when max active is exceeded and decrease to max when usage is down.

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