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From Matthijs Wensveen <>
Subject Re: [digester] validating against system dtd?
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 22:55:42 GMT
I have a similar problem, but maybe a bit more complex.
The XML I want to digest consists of elements defined in one or more 
namespaces. For example:
<cfg:configuration cfg:xmlns="..">
    <p:properties name="myProps">
        <p:property key="key1" value="value1" />
        <p:property key="key2" value="value2" />

        <cp:db... etc....

Is there a way to validate each namespace separately. Because for each 
application we use different xml with similar elements, this would be 
very useful. Maybe this is a question for another (more xml specific) 
mailing list, at least I couldn't find anything useful on the net.
If the answer includes separating the validation process from the rest 
that's fine (maybe even better so I can turn validation on or off).


Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

>On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Phillip Qin wrote:
>>Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 14:05:49 -0400
>>From: Phillip Qin <>
>>Reply-To: Jakarta Commons Users List <>
>>To: 'Jakarta Commons Users List' <>
>>Subject: RE: [digester] validating against system dtd?
>>If I don't use InputSource, is following snippet "not to avoid"?
>>	Digester d = DigesterLoader.createDigester(url);
>>	d.push(this);
>>	d.parse(input);
>The key question is what "input" is.  If it's an InputStream, then the XML
>parser has no way to know what the absolute URL of the input document was,
>and therefore no way to resolve relative URLs.  (The URL you pass to
>createDigester() is for the XML document containing the Digester rules,
>not the XML document to be parsed.)
>Note that this issue is by no means specific to Digester -- it'll happen
>to you with direct calls to DOM or SAX parsers as well, because it is the
>XML parser that actually resolves these things.  Digester doesn't have a
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