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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: XML / SAX heavy optimization !
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2003 22:37:37 GMT
Thomas Lionel SMETS wrote:
> We have a program that needs to be heavily optimized (processing a tenth 
> of the expected volume). The program is heavily using SAX-parsing ! I 
> was wandering if any body had place were I could start optimizing 
> (getting the cheap bucks first).
> Any idea is welcome,
> \T,
> p.s. :
> I need the cheap bucks in Jackarta SAX not in optimization !


Jakarta Sax doesn't exist...
If you mean SAX, it's an independent project
It is by no means slow though!!

If you mean the parser is slow... well... maybe there can be something 
done there... (try Saxon's AElfred for example, I had a factor of two 
compared to Xerces).

But generally the other side of the road is slow: allocating memory as 
the result of parsing...
That's the case when you build a dom/jdom/dom4j representation...That's 
the case when you transform also (they have an internal representation).

Not too sure of anything else...


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