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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject [net] Re: FTP over SSL?
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 15:45:02 GMT

In message <>, steve stou
t writes:
>I need to do FTP over SSL (NOT FTP over SSH) from my Java app.  
>Specifically 'explicit' FTPS with data encryption as well.  Is this 
>possible with these classes?

People have done it and I recall at some point we made a change to make
it easier (it's in the commons-dev or commons-user archives somewhere;
something having to do with handshaking).  Just get an SSL library or
if using J2SE 1.4 will do.  Then implement an that creates SSL sockets and
call FTPClient's SocketClient.setSocketFactory method with an instance
as an argument.

I don't believe the last person to do it ever submitted any patches to
make it easier for other folks, so I don't know if there was some extra
thing specficic to SSL socket that had to be done.  If you do go down
this road, please send us a patch.  After we decide what to do about
backward compatibility and J2SE 1.4, we'll likely need to add an
SSLSocketFactory anyway to make SMTP over SSL, POP3 over SSL, and so on
work right out of the box.


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