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From Daniel McAllansmith <>
Subject [betwixt] 1.0 beta dev, Recursive references result in infinite recursion
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 02:12:09 GMT

I'm using the latest (20030901) snapshot of betwixt.

When I register a bean class, that indirectly references itself via another 
bean class, betwixt ends up recursing forever adding rules.

For example, ABean holds a Collection of members of type BBean, where BBean 
has a property of type ABean holding its container.
In this situation I end up with repeated calls into 
BeanRuleSet.addRule(String, Rule, ElementDescriptor, ReadContext) and 
BeanRuleSet.addChildRules(String, ElementDescriptor, ReadContext) with 
sucessively longer paths - 

So, is this just a bug in the BeanRuleSet code or is there some explicit 
mechanism I should be using to avoid the recursion?


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