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From "Geronimo Ma. Hernandez" <>
Subject [Digester] question about parent-parameter-access
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 09:24:04 GMT

I try to transform this XML-content:

<entity name="anEntity">
	<addAttribute	name="rowid"/>
	<addAttribute	name="dbid">
		<unique-index	idx_number="1" idx_order="1"/>

with a definition-object for enitity. A CallMethodRule gets rid of the 
"entity/addAttribute"-pattern, combined with a CallParamRule for the 
For the "entity/addAttribute/unique-index"-pattern I also added a 
CallMethodRule, with CallParamRules for idx_number and idx_order.
But now, I got stuck.

How could I access the name-attribute of /entity/addAttribute ?

With the help of a debugger I found the value "dbid" in digester.params as an 
entry below the parameters for the unique-index method call.

Is it possible to access this value with the existing *Rules-classes, or do I 
have to build a new one? The digester.peekParams(n) is classified as "package 
private" ...
Could anyone shine me a light on how to do it the right way?

Many thanks for your attention.


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