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From "Peter Smith " <>
Subject [DBCP] Possible to explicitly close down a DataSource/Connection Pool?
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 04:08:49 GMT
We started having some database resource issues just after I introduced a DBCP-based class
into our 
environment.  I think I am closing all connections/statements/resultsets appropriately, but
I was wondering if 
Oracle just isn't cleaning-up invalid connections or something??

We're using the BasicDataSource object without JNDI, DBCP version 1.0.  I've tried BasicDataSource.close(),

but it doesn't seem to do much -> I think this because as soon as I go to grab another
connection from the 
BasicDataSource that I just closed, the connection gets returned almost instantly.  I was
expecting it to take a 
couple of seconds to crank up a new connection like it seems to take when i first create the
and grab a connection.  What does it mean that it's so fast in returning a connection after
BasicDataSource is supposedly closed?  After closing, BasicDataSource reports 0 active and
idle connections.


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