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From Steve Byrne <>
Subject [Digester] XML driven schema validation?
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 06:53:08 GMT

I'm trying to get digester to do XML Schema validation based off the schema
referenced in the input XML file.  I have tried doing
digester.setSchema("foo.xsd"), and that works, but I want to have the schema
used for validation instead be selected by the incoming XML file.  

I've tried doing digester.setSchemaLanguage to try to force the use of W3C XML
Schema style schema definitions, and a number of other things, but they all
produce a result that's identical to having no DTD present and validation
turned on (something about root element should be null, doesn't match DOCTYPE,

I'm using digester 1.5 and it's recommended versions of other jakarta
packages.  I am using J2SDK 1.4.1, which I *think* has JAXP 1.1+ in it (it's
hard to determine for sure; I thougth I saw one document saying that it has
JAXP 1.1.3 included in it, so that's beyond the digester site recommendation of
JAXP 1.1).

Is there a known deficiency with digester in this area?  Is there some
non-obvious trick that I have to do to get digester to pay attention to the
schema namespace and declarations in the input XML file?


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