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From "Christoph Gaffga" <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] Mapping for interface instead of class
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 20:52:54 GMT wrote:
> is your desire to produce a set of beans implementing the ejb remote
> interface but not actually instances of an ejb (i.e. owned and managed by
> ejb container?)

no, just want to serialize them to SAX.

> if you want to serialize a bunch of ejb instances to xml and round trip
> back to ejb's (on the same server or not) then you have some issues since
> you can't just instantiate an instance of the bean and have it 'become' a
> proper ejb. that's what the create and find methods on the home are for...

yes, I know.

> Remember also that while the ejb stub and skeleton will implement the
> interface you are looking at the actual class you write implementing
> SessionBean normally does NOT implement this interface (though the methods
> are there the signatures tend to avoid declaring the throws
> for example).

I would like to use a dot-betwixt-file with my remote interface. Something
like "MyEJBRemote.betwixt".

> perhaps the use case you are trying to achive might help us in
> what you are doing...

I'm using apache-cocoon as the webclient for my EJBs. I access them with
cocoon-action and for output/formating I bind them to the request. Now I
want to include the beans in my XML (I know there is a castor-transformer
with cocoon, but I prefer betwixt). So I'm writing a betwixt-transformer for
cocoon. Finally I do some XSLT stuff with my XML before it's serialized as

I think I will implement the a mechanism for betwixt, that it loads
dot-betwixt-files for the interface if the instance to serialize is a proxy
(as it is for remote stubs for EJBs).


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