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From "Barclay A. Dunn" <>
Subject DBCP resource leaks
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 21:57:56 GMT

i am using a try / catch / finally block to close EVERY connection in my
code. i mean 100%. however, i am still seeing connections not getting
returned to the pool.

someone on the tomcat-users list gave me code (thanks angus) to display the
connection pool state - active and idle links. i can also log in to terminal
services client and watch my sql server's connections go up (and sometimes
down, but more up than down). so what i see is, the total number that sql
server thinks are open is more than the number that the pool says are open
(active and idle). and the totals are gradually increasingly divergent.
ultimately, it crashes tomcat.

can anybody suggest how i might go about finding the holes and plugging
them? if they are not in my code, where are they?


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