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From "Scott Howlett" <>
Subject [jelly] Integrating DOM event support into Jelly XML handling
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 00:59:57 GMT

I am exploring the use of Jelly in an environment where my XML nodes
need to support DOM events. The problem is that Jelly's XML support
comes mainly through dom4j, whose out-of-the-box implementation doesn't
do this.

I believe I have three possibilities:

1. Roll my own XML tags based on a DOM implementation (Xerces) that
supports such events. I've been doing this so far because it's easy, but
I'd like better integration.

2. Factor out Jelly's XML support so that its XML support could be
pluggable (plug in Xerces DOM instead of dom4j for example). This sounds
like a non-starter.

3. Provide an implementation of the dom4j interfaces that delegates to
an implementation like Xerces DOM.

Does anyone have suggestions about possible approaches that I might be

Scott Howlett

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