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From "Sean W. Ferguson" <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] setFollowRedirects(true) on PostMethod
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 23:23:51 GMT
Hah, I figured it out.  In the Jelly HttpTagSupport class it defaults the 
_followRedirects property to true unless you set it otherwise.  Of course, this 
causes a failure when it calls setFollowRedirects with that value.

Thanks for your help, I'll submit a bug to the jelly project.

Adrian Sutton wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> This last statement makes me think you're barking up the wrong tree.
> Originally the conversation was about redirecting POST methods (which you
> can do very easily without changing HttpClient), however your real problem
> seems to be that there's something going wrong with a POST request and it's
> showing up as a redirection issue.  If it makes no sense that httpclient
> think a redirect is happening then there is a bug somewhere (either in
> HttpClient, the server or your app) which is very likely to come back and
> bite you if you don't solve it now.
> What I would suggest is that you provide a wire log so we can determine why
> HttpClient thinks a redirect is required and exactly what the server is
> sending back etc.  Instructions are at
>  Once we have that
> we can take a look into what the real cause of the problem is a likely
> suggest a better solution than hacking away at HttpClient.
> Regards,
> Adrian Sutton, Software Engineer
> Ephox Corporation
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> From: Sean W. Ferguson []
> Sent: Wednesday, 27 August 2003 7:10 AM
> To: Jakarta Commons Users List
> Subject: Re: [HttpClient] setFollowRedirects(true) on PostMethod
> Well, I am doing a post to a servlet that just writes back data on the
> response. 
>   No redirects or anything, and that exception gets thrown.  I'd prefer not
> to 
> have to modify the httpclient code, but it makes no sense to me that it
> thinks a 
> redirect is happening.
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