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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: Standalone Jelly without Maven
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 03:09:23 GMT

I've been using Jelly to do batch processing of simulations. Both to 
generate the resulting data files and to configure the simulation before 
its run. I have no complaints, it seems very stable, I've run batch 
processing that was rather time consuming ( > 12 hrs. ) and never 
encountered any memory problems or any leaking of any kind. I think its 
a very solid tool.

-Mark Diggory

Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> Thakkar, Hetal wrote:
>> I am trying to use Jelly for a data generation application that does 
>> not require Maven. I can run standalone (without Maven) Jelly through 
>> a Java class as follows:
>>     JellyContext context = new JellyContext();
>>     context.runScript( resolveURL("script.xml"));
>> Are there any short comings of using Jelly this way as opposed to 
>> using it in conjunction with Maven?
> Hetal,
> I don't think there's any shortcomings except the obvious fact that you 
> have to master the classpath yourself...
> Paul
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