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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: [DBCP]: Tomcat+MySQL. Intermitent DbcpException: Server configuration -> Now pool exhausted
Date Sun, 24 Aug 2003 19:22:50 GMT
OK, first of all what version of DBCP are you using ? The official build 
or a nightly one?
also the version of commons-pool.

Do you use the "removeAbandonedTimeout" ?
The default value is 300sec. (A connection has to be abandoned for 300 sec)
Are there a lot of requests within the last 300 sec before the DBCP 

The error messages are written on stderr. Do you have a stderr log?
What is your os? (linux, windows,...)


Monica Ferrero wrote:

>Sorry not to have given any signs of life...
>Yes, I got an answer in the mySQL list, that pointed out that my number of
>connections 500, was a lot more than the normal value of 100. Changing that
>solved the problem of the Server configuration error, but I've gone back to
>getting java.sql.SQLException: DBCP could not obtain an idle db connection,
>pool exhausted (whole exception follows).
>I thought the configuration
>        <parameter>
>          <name>logAbandoned</name>
>          <value>true</value>
>        </parameter>
>        <parameter>
>          <name>removeAbandoned</name>
>          <value>true</value>
>        </parameter>
>would free and log abandoned connections, but it doesn't seem to do it.
>Anyway, I have checked over all my result sets, statements and connections
>and I think they are all closed properly...
>So I'm still a bit stuck here...
>Some other person in this list, suggested that there might be some problems
>with the DBCP, could it be so?
>Any other suggestions?
>Any help really appreciated.

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