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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: DBCP resource leaks
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 14:03:16 GMT
Hi Barclay

Maybe you should first try a different JDBC driver.
NetDirect is popular in the slide user group.

Hope it helps

Barclay A. Dunn wrote:

>i am using a try / catch / finally block to close EVERY connection in my
>code. i mean 100%. however, i am still seeing connections not getting
>returned to the pool.
>someone on the tomcat-users list gave me code (thanks angus) to display the
>connection pool state - active and idle links. i can also log in to terminal
>services client and watch my sql server's connections go up (and sometimes
>down, but more up than down). so what i see is, the total number that sql
>server thinks are open is more than the number that the pool says are open
>(active and idle). and the totals are gradually increasingly divergent.
>ultimately, it crashes tomcat.
>can anybody suggest how i might go about finding the holes and plugging
>them? if they are not in my code, where are they?
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