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From Frank Morton <>
Subject commons:fileupload side-effect on anchors?
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 02:09:53 GMT
I am using jboss 3.2.0rc2 with jetty running under MacOS X with all the  
everything. Using Explorer under XP as the browser.

I am using the equivalent code down below to redirect to a url:

           String charset = "UTF-8";

I've been using this code for over a year without problems. But,  now I  
have a
need to use multipart forms (to do file uploads). I'm using  
code to parse the file. It all seems to be working fine, with one  

If the form is submitted with a "<input type=file ....>" tag present in  
the form, the
"note" anchor is omitted from the url as the browser shows it from the  
above. I am quadruple sure that the anchor is correctly passed to  
The "#note" is part of the redirect, but the browser display shows the  
url without
the anchor.

I'm sure the html is well-formed and all the anchors are correct.

If I take out only the "<input type=file ...>" tag, everything works  
fine as far as
the anchor is concerned.

I'm out of ideas and don't see a relationship between that single input  
tag causing
the anchor to be dropped.

I'll try suggestion you might have to fix this. I'm stuck.


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