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Subject PutMethod with chunked transfer
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 12:17:52 GMT
Hi all,

how is it possible to tell PutMethod to transfer data chunked?

I do


In EntityEnclosingMethod.writeRequestBody() it uses ChunkedOutputStream only

if (contentLength == CONTENT_LENGTH_CHUNKED)

However, before that it chooses to buffer the content and don't run chunked,
if in generateRequestBody() requestStream != null. And this isn't null, as I
set the inputStream above before execution. As a consequence, the
contentLength is known, which causes writeRequestBody() not to use the

So what did I miss here?

Another thing is: Can't HttpClient run streamed if I set the requestBody? As
I observed, it chooses to buffer the content if an InputStream is set.

Thanks in advance.


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